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Delivering Business and Digital Transformation


The Open University

How Muuto enabled The Open University to reset its struggling in-flight ERP programme through a robust change readiness assessment and remedial action plan.
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Our client was at the end of Phase 1 of their struggling ERP programme. Before the subsequent programme of work was to start, a complete review of the critical stage was needed.

The Challenge

The existing ERP programme was being delivered within the context of a series of difficult implementations within the organisation.

Our Approach: Engagement and partnership at every step - whilst keeping an objective stance

Muuto were engaged to conduct a change readiness assessment and remedial action plan for the ERP programme (which was the latest iteration of a long-term systems replacement portfolio).

We undertook a comprehensive investigation and provided detailed reports with multiple data points. We found several big improvement opportunities in the way in which the ERP programme (and its precursors) had been formulated, overseen and executed.

The findings were that to be successful in delivering valuable, enduring change, the programme needed to be reset to:

  • Align the organisation’s culture and capabilities

  • Have strong senior level buy-in and leadership

  • Balance aspiration, approach, and capacity for change

  • Empower staff to share and drive change

  • Encourage business ownership at all levels

We developed a focussed action plan for addressing shortcomings in order to bring the programme on track. We also delivered a follow-up programme of facilitated education sessions to support the programme team and sponsor.

“We commissioned an independent assessment from Muuto for a reset of a major transformation programme. The findings from this work helped inform the business case submission and shaped how we designed and ran the onward programme to deliver its outcomes. The team were a pleasure to work with – structured, knowledgeable and responsive to our context and needs.”

- Karen Ward, Former Strategic Change Programme Director, The Open University

The Outcome

Following the rollout of our recommendations, we conducted a follow-up diagnostic review six months later as the programme scope was being moved back into business ownership – to support risk mitigation and build continuing successful delivery. We were able to evidence tangible improvement on:

  • Sponsor engagement and ownership

  • Programme governance and decision making

  • Scope prioritisation and focus

  • Customer intimacy

  • Programme team capability and cross functional working

The review also identified a number of immediate and medium term actions the new business owners could take to reduce risk and ensure successful delivery under the new governance.

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