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Enabling Business Agility and Internal Transformation


Johnson Matthey Catalyst Technologies

Muuto helped Johnson Matthey to develop an Organisational Development (OD) Blueprint for its business leaders, to supplement and accelerate a wider Transformation Programme.
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A Group level re-organisation resulted in 2 operating units being merged to create a new Catalyst Business Unit with sales of £500m+. The new business unit was given a substantial cost reduction target over 2022-2024. The Group was also simultaneously re-designing Corporate Business Support Functions, and updating the business partner model for Finance, HR, IT, Supply Chain and Procurement.

The new Catalyst Business Unit launched an additional Business Transformation Programme (in the middle

of the original OD project) aimed at re-positioning their functions to maximise value generation from the

wider Sustainability Agenda.

The Challenge

Conflicting levels of urgency: commercial imperative to act fast, and a forming leadership team with the challenge of resolving outstanding strategic questions before being ready to make design decisions.

Our Approach: Bring people and silos together

We held design workshops with the CEO and her direct reports, to validate the strategy and identify value Drivers, design Principles, and key Issues that needed to be detailed for design choices to be made.

The big tension was between efficiency and growth, with some areas focusing only on efficiency, others needing investment for growth, and some needing to drive both. The OD Blueprint explored these tensions and clearly articulated the ‘As-Is’ and ‘To-Be’ options. Each option identified implications per business area and function that had to be assessed for final design choices to be made.

We built HR capability by upskilling HR Business Partners (across the company) on how to design and implement large-scale OD programs. We ensured that the methodology was anchored in the Johnson Matthey context and that it was consistent with their internal transformation methodology. We confirmed the definition and preparation for ‘Go-live’ to ensure that employees were ready to work in agile and cross-functional teams as required by the new OD blueprint.

Muuto’s tried and tested approach to programme governance was used to build an understanding of the range and type of resources needed to run a large-scale redesign programme. This included detailed design, to staff consultation, employee engagement, business readiness, resourcing, go-live and post-execution hyper care.

“Muuto is the first consultancy we’ve experienced that feel like a true partner, looking to help through listening. Other firms we have worked with came in and presented things that our team had identified and told them about previously. Muuto is the first consulting firm with whom everyone, without exception, enjoys working with. Definitely ‘anti-consulting consulting’.”


- Rebecca McFarland, HRBP, Johnson Matthey, Catalyst Technologies

The Outcome

With Muuto’s support, HR delivered 57% of the 2022-2024 efficiency savings by Q1 2023. The Leadership Team (LT) and LT-1 levels were implemented, and we designed LT-2. We equipped the HR Director and the team with the approach, skills and project management tooling to resolve remaining design issues and drive the ongoing incremental organisation redesign at LT-3 and below.

We proposed to descope our original engagement resulting in the project coming in nearly 40% under budget, while delivering to agreed timelines by building internal delivery capability.

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